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The national plans of the UAE with regard to the industrial sector focus on diversification and sustainability. An industrial sector based on advanced technology will contribute to growing the UAE’s GDP, and help shape a favorable, competitive and growth-focused environment, while also bolstering the efficiencies of national industries in regional and global markets.

These efforts are well-aligned with the directives of our wise leadership and underscore the pivotal role of the industrial sector in enhancing in-country value (ICV), and increasing the competitiveness of national entities. This is particularly significant as the UAE embarks on a future-focused journey for the next 50 years and works to shape guidelines and legislation to enhance the performance of all sectors, primarily industries that leverage state-of-the-art technologies. Therefore, it is clear that the UAE recognizes the important role technology plays in promoting the growth of the national industrial sector.

The UAE seeks to shape an advanced and resilient industrial sector – one that transcends traditional industrial models and meets the demands of the increasingly competitive local, regional, and global markets. The UAE enjoys many advantages that enable it to elevate its industrial sector at the regional and global level.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology is well aware that the UAE’s industrial sector plays a crucial role in its development process, is a key component of the nation’s economy, and is one of its most vital enablers. Therefore, MoIAT is establishing a unified national vision and strategy for industry in the UAE to meet the demands of local and global markets, remain alert to the global challenges in this sector, and innovate to launch unconventional, yet viable industrial models.

MoIAT works with all relevant partners to create and update legislation related to the UAE’s industrial sector and to leverage modern technology to boost the sector’s efficiencies. The Ministry does this through allowing national industries to foray into regional and global markets – thereby, enhancing their competitiveness and strengthening their presence in these markets. To achieve these goals, the Ministry is implementing and managing national standardization programs with international value. Based on best international standards and practices to meet global market requirements, these programs are a crucial necessity to build confidence in the quality of national products and services.

The Ministry will contribute through shaping enabling policies, laws, and regulations, as well as setting standards and guidelines, promoting advanced technology adoption, and attracting and integrating investment opportunities. Furthermore, it is also directing change initiatives, and contributing to building a competitive national economy based on knowledge and innovation that prioritizes future technological applications by merging physical, digital, and biological spheres.

MoIAT’s objectives align with the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that aims to transform the UAE into a leading global model in future forecasting, through leveraging the tools and technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to efficiently serve the community and ensure its satisfaction and well-being.

The Ministry’s efforts are also consistent with the future security of water and food supply indicator that aims to achieve water and food security. The integrated and sustainable system employs bio-engineering sciences and advanced technology to generate renewable energy and encourages research and applications in universities and specialized centers.

The UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) aims to strengthen the UAE’s position as a global hub for 4IR, and to shape a competitive national economy that prioritizes knowledge, innovation and future technological applications that integrate physical, digital and biological technologies.

The Strategy embodies the ambitions of the UAE government for the country to become a leading global model in preemptively predicting future challenges and adapting the tools and technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to efficiently serve society and achieve the happiness and well-being of its people.

The Ministry is putting in place technical standards, regulations, and legislations in the UAE to help raise the efficiency and performance of the country’s future-focused industries and enhance their competitiveness locally, regionally, and internationally. In addition, it will also enable representatives of various industries to participate in preparing and adopting standards and specifications in line with best international practices to support and enhance the productivity and quality of advanced technology industries.

The Ministry is working within a clear timeframe to establish policies and priorities in cooperation with all UAE federal and local authorities. We partner with governmental and private sector research institutions, as well as higher education centers to prepare, design and implement national scientific research programs that contribute to achieving economic viability for industrial projects. In addition, these programs provide criteria and indicators for research and implementation, and for monitoring performance and results.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has a clear advanced technology agenda that aims to achieve sector-specific targets, boost industrial innovation, and empower the country in shaping a future-focused industrial sector through implementing relevant infrastructure and enabling legislation. This agenda includes setting specifications and standards, as well as technical regulations, especially for emerging sectors such as food security, agile industries, and future-focused healthcare, as well as the circular economy, among other areas.

The UAE is a regional leader in putting in place the required infrastructure to shape a resilient industrial sector capable of achieving sustainable progress through leveraging innovation. As a recognized leader in manufacturing and cutting-edge technology adoption, the country organized the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit, which aimed to establish a vision for the future of industry, bridge the gap between developing and developed countries, and achieve a more comprehensive global development.

The Ministry works to adopt international best practices in encouraging and implementing innovation and in safeguarding intellectual property in national industrial enterprises and companies. This is achieved through the participation of national institutions and companies as members of the International Technical Committee on Innovation Management (ISO / TC 279) and similar committees, as well as through establishing corresponding national technical committees to help prepare and approve standards and guidelines for innovation management systems.

His Excellency Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology chairs the Industrial Coordination Council, a national entity tasked with helping to shape a nation-wide strategy to strengthen the industrial sector in the UAE, develop key performance indicators, and propose policies and initiatives to enhance cooperation with the relevant government agencies as well as the private sector.

The Council comprises members of several ministries and agencies at the local and federal level. These include representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the Ministry of Economy, the Economic Development Departments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah, the Department of Industry and Economy in Fujairah, the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, the Federal Customs Authority, the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Industrialist Union Society, Emirates Development Bank, and the Commercial Affairs Department of ADNOC.

The Ministry is working in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders to inspire businesses in the UAE to adopt advanced technologies and shape a future-focused industrial sector that meets the requirements of tomorrow’s world. Through such efforts, the Ministry aims to grow exports, enhance the role and competitiveness of the UAE’s industrial sector to compete in global markets, and implement the transition to a clean and sustainable future-focused industry that attracts exceptional talent and creates significant opportunities for Emiratis.

These ambitions can be realized through putting in place enabling factors, such as an advanced infrastructure that supports future-focused industries, proactive legislation and systems of governance to achieve leadership in the industries of the future. In addition, the Ministry is expanding the investment outlay in future-focused industries and cutting-edge technology, developing specialized human resources and identifying the advanced skills required to support such an industrial sector through accelerating the role of research and development.

Enabling advanced technology stakeholders to participate in developing the infrastructure to support future-focused industries is one of the key pillars for the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology. In doing so, the sector helps define the UAE standards and specifications, and also paves the way for adopting appropriate and applicable technical legislation in shaping a suitable ecosystem. In line with its efforts to boost the confidence and competitiveness of the country’s industrial sector, the Ministry aims to provide advanced centers and laboratories for measurement and testing with national accreditation and international recognition that confirm the efficiency and quality of the sector’s products and services.

Phone: +971 600565554

Yes, of course. You can apply for its services through the website or through contacting its customer happiness centers via email at

The Ministry is always looking for exceptional individuals to join its team, and if you are willing to add value, please apply by sending an email to

Emirates National Accreditation System to accredit testing /calibration laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies.

Accreditation is the formal recognition by an accreditation authority to the technical and organizational competence of a conformity assessment body to carry out a specific service in accordance to the standards and technical regulations as described in their scope of accreditation. Registration is the requirement of Ministry of Economy, Abu Dhabi, for issue or new license or renewal of existing license to laboratories in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. This is NOT at all accreditation and the laboratories cannot claim to be accredited.

We aim to minimize the time taken within ENAS to approximately three months. This time however does not include the time taken by the organization for preparation and corrective actions.

Until we receive an application for accreditation which details the size of your operation it is very difficult to provide you with an accurate estimate as to what it will cost you to become ENAS-accredited. However, the current application fee and daily rates can be found under the Fee structure. However providing visa, travel tickets, pick & drop and hotel arrangements is to be paid the organization applying for accreditation.

Yes as ENAS is the only federal accreditation body of UAE, the certificate is issue​d under the laboratory’s scope of accreditation then the certificate should be recognized in all Emirates.

Yes, customers can submit any suggestion through

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