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There are multiple government-backed initiatives in different emirates that are helping women start and run businesses such as the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC), Abu Dhabi Business Women Council (ADBWC), the Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) and the Sharjah Business Women Council.

The Scale-up Programme for SMEs allows businesses to take practical steps to enter the new phase of their business growth. Through this programme, the UAE Federal government provides solutions to major hurdles faced by SMEs, such as easing the access to global markets & exports, improving the legal framework to ease debt financing & debt equity for SMEs, building alliances & managing business efficiently, and streamlining the process of innovation through guidelines & regulations.

Yes, the programme is offered to all nationalities.

Click the link to fill up the form and register your interest

Dubai SME is an integrated division of the Department of Economic Development (DED), which supports national SMEs and entrepreneurs in the emirate of Dubai in all phases of their development.
Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development The Khalifa fund is an independent, not-for-profit entity of Abu Dhabi focussing on encouraging entrepreneurship and supporting the SMEs, through running highly targeted financing, training and awareness initiatives.
Sharjah Entrepreneurship Foundation “Ruwad” provides financial and technical support to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Sharjah along with creating a business-focussed environment for effective development of projects.

The procedures for business incorporation in the UAE are subject to the requirements of each emirate. We recommend visiting the official website of the Department of Economic Development in the concerned emirate; however, in general, businesses are incorporated in the UAE through one of two options:

Business Incorporation Online
The federal government provides the “Basher” platform for businesses, which is a comprehensive e-Service that enables investors to establish their companies in the UAE online through the unified digital platform fully integrated with the relevant local and federal government entities concerned with licensing economic activities in the UAE. This can be done within minutes and using a quick, convenient and secure process, without the need for investors to physically visit any government agency.

Business Incorporation through Conventional Methods
The process of incorporating a commercial business in the UAE goes through a number of steps that include the following:

Identify the nature of the activity.
Determine the legal structure.
Register the trade name.
Request for initial approval.
Choose the location or address of the commercial activity.
Obtain additional government approvals.
Submit documents and pay the required fees.

There are no taxes imposed on companies or on income in the UAE. As for fees, they vary from one emirate to another, depending on the nature of the intended activity and the type of license to be issued. To know the fees in detail, please visit the official website of the Department of Economic Development in the respective emirate.